Mark is 75 years old (in August 2009), married to Alice (70) , since 1963 and has two children, Miles (45) married to Kimberly and Chloe (40) married to Karl. Chloe and Karl have three children, Fred (10), Seb.(8) and Lara (4).

Miles runs his own art gallery in the Lower Sloane Street and specializes in Welsh art. He is also somewhat of an art historian having written a seminal work on the 18C Welsh painter, William Parry. Kimberly is an aspiring author awaiting publication of her first novel.

Chloe is a clinical psychologist who works with children with behavioural problems and Karl is a successful criminal barrister

Mark is a Chartered Surveyor and has worked in many countries of the world. He changed careers in his late 40’s to become a Chartered Arbitrator. To this end he took a Masters Degree in law, at Kings College London in his late 50’s and has practiced and lectured on dispute resolution for the past 25 years. He was made an Adjunct Professor of Law at the China University of Political Law and Science in Beijing in 2001 where he has taught, every October since, on a course, which he wrote specifically for that University. In 2002 he was made a visiting professor at Shandong University in Jinaan, capital of Shandong province, where he has given the occasional lecture as well as three other Chinese universities. He has written four books on his subject – one running to its fourth edition – and has regularly lectured in Australia, Cyprus, Dubai. He is Founder President of The Arbitration Club (1990) with around 800 plus members in 10 branches -two overseas.

He is a keen sportsman and games player having achieved modest success in badminton, squash, tennis, rugby, polo, skiing, water skiing and golf. He was the first joint world Monopoly champion (1972).

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