29 April 2012

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Smiler and Kimberly came down today for a sort of belated birthday lunch for Smiler and to collect his presents. We decided to have lunch in the study rather than be dragging through into the breakfast room as Miles and Kimberly had a plan to visit an old friend after lunch, who lived locally. Anyway, […]


28 April 2012]

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Another really painful night. I’m sad to say that they sheepskin heel protectors that which I had got excited turned out to be far too small so we will have to change them for larger sizes, if they make them any bigger. I was okay, as I usually am, for the first part of the […]


27 April 2012

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My dear boy, Smiler’s birthday. We spoke on the phone and I shall see him at the weekend. I forget what he and Kimberly were going to do to celebrate but when he told me that all sounded very interesting. As result of the uncomfortable night that I had spent with my painful heels,’ my […]


26 April 2012

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Another uncomfortable night. I was okay until about 3.00 am and then my heels began to get progressively more painful. I tried moving my feet but without success. So I could not relieve the pressure on the heels. Add to that painful knee joints and some of the time a hip or shoulder and I […]


25 April 2012

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I am still waiting for my wheelchair enclosure tickets from Lord’s. I am in a ballot and therefore cannot make any firm arrangements until I know what places I have been allocated. I’ve telephoned Lord’s two or three times over the last month and have been told that they are dealing with the tickets and […]


24 April 2012

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Another disappointing Tuesday. No visit to the golf club to see my friends and have lunch. The weather is just too dreary – cold and wet. We expect April showers this month but in between there should be sunshine and a little warmth. The month is almost over and it clearly has not lived up […]


23 April 2012

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England’s Saints day, to some, an unofficial bank holiday which they believe should be made official, particularly as we in England seem to have fewer bank holidays than most of the other European countries It is the feast day of St George celebrated by Christian churches. The interesting thing, which I did not know before    , […]


22 April 2012

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After putting on this seven-day slow-release pain patch, I had high hopes of a substantial improvement in the reduction of painful joints in bed at night. Sadly, this did not turn out to be the case. However, as Alice says, it might take time for these patches to work, so we will give it a […]


21 April 2012

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Not a brilliant night despite the change in my medication. However, Doctor Chris Allen had prescribed some pain patches which Alice had picked up yesterday from Boots the chemist but and forgotten to mention to me. So I did not have the benefit of that patch last night. We asked our carers if they would […]


20 April 2012

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Not a brilliant night but not as bad as some. I’m looking forward to trying out these slow-release pain patches recommended by my MND team. For some reason, which I had not been able to fathom, when I tried to boot up this morning, I had no success at all. I then unplugged everything knowing […]

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