27 February 2011

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A few medical pointers for my MND readers, other readers can skip the next five  paragraphs. I started the day  badly by choking on a piece of toast at breakfast. I think it’s what you call ‘going down the wrong way’. I believe that means that food gets into the bronchial tubes. It was only […]


26 February 2011

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An early morning video call to my dear friends Brinton’s. welcoming them back to the UK God willing I will see them both at Lord’s before too long A lazy day. Most of the morning spent working on the blog or answering e-mails as well as making and receiving a number of Skype video calls. […]


25 February 2011

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At last the weather seems to have become more clement. Yesterday was a beautiful warm spring day and although it is not quite so sunny today it appears to be equally warm which is just as well as I am shortly to be wheeled to the Cricketers next door for lunch with some of the […]


24 February 2011

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Let’s get the sad and gloomy bit over first. I had a bad night-considerable pain from my joints and little sleep from two o’clock. Sadly, my prediction concerning the fatalities in New Zealand is proving only too prophetic. There were 98 fatalities at the latest count with a possible further 125 killed in the local […]


23 February 2011

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 The misery in New Zealand continues with more bodies being found and hundreds still missing in the rubble. This is probably the worst disaster to strike this small island country of 9 million people in living memory. Yesterday I mentioned Ethiopia. I had occasion to visit the capital, Addis Ababa, a few times when […]


22 February 2011

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Terrible news from New Zealand. An earthquake has struck Christchurch, in the South Island, killing anything up to 100 people with over 200 others buried in the rubble. I had no idea that New Zealand was on the earthquake belt but apparently they suffered a less serious earthquake in the same place a short while […]


21 February 2011

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A truly exasperating day. This new laptop is really playing up. Not only is my voice activation, Dragon, only working intermittently, and then very slowly and inaccurately, but in addition Outlook, my e-mail provider has also gone berserk. The entire contents of my inbox have disappeared and I have been through every possible means of […]


20 February 2011

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There was an interesting discussion overnight, on the radio concerning advances in medical science. They were talking about the use of robots for internal examinations. An advance on pure keyhole surgery. I was particularly interested to hear that they are using these little robots with miniature instruments to perform the removal of the prostate where […]


18 February 2011

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I’m pleased to say that my long discursive entry two days ago seems to have been well received. In fact, one reader described it as the finest entry yet. Another one referred to an anthropocentric view. I must confess I had to look up the definition of anthropocentric, not a word in my normal vocabulary. […]


17 February 2011

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As I mentioned yesterday, and I admit you do not have to be a rocket scientist to have predicted it, but there has been more trouble in the Middle East following the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. We are now seeing trouble in Libya and Bahrain. In both cases being put down, with no quarter […]

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