29 September 2011

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A BRIGHT RED LETTER DAY. MY DEAR MOTHER-IN-LAW’S 100TH. BIRTHDAY. I have never subscribed to those people who denigrate the character of this much maligned relationship. My mother-in-law has always been extremely kind to me and I am very fond of her and now she has reached her 100th.birthday. Congratulations, Sprig, and lots and lots […]


28 September 2011

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I forgot to mention that the day before the good doctor arrived, Paula, who is professional hairdresser, and one of our carers ,cut my hair and that of Alice, for a modest fee. The last time Michael was here she cut his hair as well but this time he’s missed out. We had our usual […]


27 September 2011

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In many ways the cancellation of the Tuesday golf was a blessing as the good Dr Michael paid an unexpected visit from Australia to attend the funeral of a very dear friend of his-another surgeon. Had I been going to golf in the normal way and not arrived home until mid-afternoon I would have seen […]


26 September 2011

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This was one of those days when Tuesday falls on Monday, if that doesn’t sound too Irish and by saying so I’m not being politically incorrect! Followers of this blog will realise that the geriatric golfers always play on a Tuesday except on a few rare occasions when the Club Secretary has allowed a society […]


25 September 2011

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Dear daughter Chloe gave me a hand to sort out the paper copies of the blog which I print off for the family. Sam one of my carers asked me today why I bothered print a hardcopy. Quite simply I want a copy for each of the children and ultimately for their children and children […]


24 September 2011

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My darling daughter Chloe came after lunch today to spend the night with us. Like Smiler, she comes at fairly regular intervals to check on me and to make sure that her mother’s a not doing things. We are truly blessed with our children. They are both caring and loving which is a great comfort […]


23 September 2011

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The great excitement today was lunch with the Curtis’s, in their new home opposite the village green. The other’ old faithfuls’ -the William – Powllett’s and the Simpsons s were also invited. The four families which comprise’the old faithfuls’ all arrived in the village around the same time, the best part of half-century ago. The […]


22 September 2011

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My quarterly assessment today within the MND team at Adenbrookes Hospital. I say ‘team’but, in actual fact it was only Jo (Sasson’s) and for a brief period the speech therapist who was only really sitting in to catch up rather learn to deal with any speech problems I might be having. I had J last […]


21 September 2011

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Yesterday, at 10.00 a,,m, sharp there was a knock on the door. It was Ollie who had come, with his ambulance, to take me to the golf club. Last week he told me quite clearly that he was very sorry but he could not take me this week as his ambulance was going in to […]


20 September 2011

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One of the main domestic issues taking up a great deal of media space, at present, is the removal of the ,of 51, so-called ‘ travellers’, illegally occupying the Dale Farm site, in Basildon Essex. Some of these families are indeed regular gypsies but the bulk of them are people have just chosen that way […]

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