29 June 2012

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An early call first thing to my stepfather, Richard wishing him a very happy birthday. Paul Richard hasn’t really got to grips with the video call on Skype, so after two or three attempts we settled for the good old-fashioned telephone! Anyway, good health, happiness and a long life to Richard. He is a star, […]


28 June 2012

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Sadly, I had no choice today, but to cancel my trip to Lord’s tomorrow for the one-day match against Australia. After the episode following the trip to the golf club on Tuesday it is quite clear that I am considerably weakened and dare not risk being taken ill in London and rushed into some hospital […]


27 June 2012

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My main preoccupation this morning, after I’d finished writing my blog, was centred on the continuing saga of the commode. (See 21st June entry). I know this is pretty basic stuff, but put yourself in my shoes and hopefully you will understand how it assumes such importance. One of my carers from Ross Nursing told […]


26 June 2012

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At last a dry and reasonably warm summer’s day falling on Tuesday. Alice was adamant that I should not go to the golf club for lunch without my respirator. I was convinced, however, on the other hand, that it was totally unnecessary but went along for the sake of harmony. I had originally thought that […]


25 June 2012

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The news came through late last night that the Muslim candidate for president of Egypt, Mohammed Murmi had narrowly beaten the incumbent Christian, Mubarak. Is this apocalyptic news that will change the balance in the Middle East? Although this president has resigned from the Black Muslim Brotherhood can we take it that this means he […]


24 June 2012

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The day after the Clavering Fete is traditionally Rose Day. ‘My lovely” has entered various categories for the last three years and on each occasion has been placed in the first three. This year, the weather has been so foul that the roses are not as advanced as they should be and where they have […]


23 June 2012

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I forgot to mention yesterday, that I had visitors both morning and afternoon. Barton W-P came for coffee in the morning. Judith is away in London doing her granny bit, I think with daughter Katherine’s little ones. so Barton was on his own. ‘My lovely’ makes a point of joining into these little sojourns to […]


22 June 2012

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Yesterday, I received a telephone call from a company, which I think call itself Love Films. The caller explained that she was making a film for television (Channel 4) on the assisted suicide controversy which has rumbled on in the media over the past two or three years every now and then a patient, with […]


21 June 2012

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For some weeks now Alice and I had been trying to have our commode replaced. Now, in the normal way of things this would not warrant any comment. However, there is an enigma here that needs resolving. The commode with which we were initially supplied doubles up as a shower chair with a reasonably comfortable […]


20 June 2012

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As the last few entries of this blog touch on the subject of sleep, I was very interested when’ ‘my lovely’ drew my attention to the’ body and soul health’ section of yesterday’s Times (19 June 2012) which dealt all about sleep. I have always been, what the experts would probably label as, an insomniac. […]

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