30 December 2011

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I had another bad painful night last night in particular this strange but severe pain in my heel. Coincidentally I received an e-mail from you then Dr. Mark Abrahams, and the pain you are in the consultant from Addenbrooke’s who previously injected my shoulder. He thinks the general joint pains are a mixture of arthritis […]


29 December 2011

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I forgot to mention that at three o’clock precisely, yesterday afternoon, Medhi, the co-supervisor at Dragon telephoned me for what he understood to be a scheduled browser session. I explained to him that I had replied to Ruben’s e-mail to the effect that Paul and I would be available on 27 December but on the […]


28 December2011

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I think I mentioned that my very old friends the Pryzt’s, kindly invited my mother and Richard to have Christmas lunch with them. Sadly they both went down with bug that is going about so ,Christmas was postponed. I believe they plan to resurrect it in a week or so before they fly off to […]


27 December 2011

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A day of thank you letters and tidying up. On Christmas Eve I received e-mail from Rubin of Nuance suggesting that we have a co-browser session on either 26 or 27 December. Clearly the Americans don’t celebrate or recognise Boxing Day. Anyway in the interests of getting this matter sorted out I agreed, after checking […]


26 December 2011 – Boxing Day

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I’ve already previously explained what Boxing Day is and its origins (See 18 December 2011 entry) so I won’t go into that again. Smiler and Kimberly left tea yesterday having done us proud and eased the load from ‘my lovely’. Chloe and Karl and the three grandchildren stayed on and spent the night at the […]


25 December 2011 – CHRISTMAS DAY

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his will be the shortest entry this year. I just want to wish my readers , all over the world a very happy and relaxed Christmas and my very best wishes for the forthcoming year. Our Christmas will be pretty much the same as it has been over the last half-century with slightly different sleeping […]


24 December 2 011 – Christmas Eve

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‘My lovely’ has rushing around the house getting it ready for the invasion of the young who said they expected to be here by mid-afternoon and in fact arrived about 4.30. Suddenly the house was alive with the sound of laughter and youngsters enjoying themselves., The little ones seem to have grown even since I […]


23 December 2011

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‘My lovely’ has seamlessly managed to do all the usual business over Christmas – no fuss and bother. It’s just I you for an hour or two and then she would tell initially being beavering away at Christmas cards letters and presents. The only involvement I had was when my lovely wanted my opinion as […]


22 December 2011

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A bad night last night. The pain in my shoulder seams now as intense as it was before the injection also that the severe pain in my left foot.has flared up again. With both of those going plus a fairly miserable hip you will understand why I said it was not the best of nights. […]


21 December 2011

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What I have reproduced below purports to be an open letter from Sir Frederick Forsyth, the author. Whether or not this is a hoax, in terms of the authorship I know not. However, as to the sentiments expressed in this letter I am sure they will touch a chord with most readers, they are certainly […]

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