31 December 2010-New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve or position Old Years Night is the final day of the Gregorian year, universally celebrated on December 31 even in non-Christian nations. I have no doubt that there was an ancient pagan celebration at the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Those people who choose to celebrate […]


29 December 2010

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The restless Michael was on his way again mid-morning this time to catch the euro express to Lille, France and then onward to some very good friends of his in Belgium. He will be back,. he’s never away for long. At lunchtime, two of my cricketing buddies Paul Newman and Roger Goodwin, braved what was […]


28 December 2010

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The snow in the garden is thawing fast almost as if it knows that the Christmas festivities will shortly be a distant memory.’ My lovely’ will be ‘ sorting out the house’, getting back to normal and Michael is sitting upstairs in his room working on his various reports. I am quite keen to draft […]


27 December 2010

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Another public and bank holiday, as indeed is tomorrow. This is because Christmas Day and Boxing Day fell on a weekend and the populace are entitled to a day off for each of these Christmas holidays as they would not normally be working at the weekend then clearly they have to have other days off […]


26 December 2010-Boxing Day

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  .For my overseas readers who do not know or recognise, what is Boxing Day, I give the following explanation.It is, the day after Christmas Day and is a bank and public holiday observed, not only in this country but also Australia, Austria, Canada, and many other countries including most of the Commonwealth countries with […]


Christmas Day 2010

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On this magical day, this RED LETTER DAY, around mid-morning, THIS BLOG PASSED THE 1 MILLION HITS MARK, isn’t that amazing, particularly when you consider that around 900,000 of these were in the last 12 months. I thought to celebrate this event I would describe, largely for the benefit of my overseas readers, a fairly […]


24 December 2010-Christmas Eve

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  For most of the last 46 years, since we have lived in this house, we given a Christmas Eve party for the half a dozen or so couples, who moved into the area, about the same time as we did, and who we met through taking our children to the local primary school. These […]


23 December 2010

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Today was all about rushing round to pick up the last of the food and presents and gift wrapping them, none with which, sadly, I could help. Jane — the sheep — came which allowed ‘my lovely’ to slip out to the shops and, at least, pick up our turkey. Lynn, our very conscientious OT, […]


22 December 2010

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They say the British speak about nothing but the weather but it would be remiss of me not to mention that the sub-temperature freeze continues and that many people’s Christmas’ may end up quite different to what was planned. I received an e-mail from a cousin of ours in Toronto, who is a regular blog […]


21 December 2010

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Yesterday, I started to think about wishing my readers a Happy Christmas. About the same time I received a copy of an e-mail from a lawyer colleague of Hew Dundas -one of the vice president of The Arbitration Club-,Haig Oghigian, a Partner in Baker and McKenzie’s Tokyo Office, with a festive greeting, that only a […]

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