30 January 2012

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A row has been brewing over the last two or three days concerning the amount of bonus it was proposed paying to the head of the Royal Bank Of Scotland. (RBS) Some readers may recall that during the great bank collapse, a couple of years ago, the government had to step in and save the […]


29 January 2012

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Being a Sunday ‘ my lovely’ announced that today would be a’ lazy day’. How that differs, in my case from every other day, I’m not sure, but certainly it might mean that’ my lovely’ manages to sit down this afternoon and nod off in front of some golden oldie. My days. during this winter, […]


28 January 2012

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From time to time I hear from my readers that they cannot open some of the diversionary pieces that I add to the end of my blog. This is because they are probably .docx documents and in order to be open by others I should convert these to .doc documents and will do so in […]


27 January 2012

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With all my talk yesterday about a moment of Spring I heard on the news this morning that we will very shortly be going into a month of deep freeze, so that will teach me not ‘to count my chickens’ (for my overseas readers, who may be unfamiliar with this term, in its entirety it […]


26 January 2012

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A couple of days ago, Althea – who had been caravanning in France with her husband-returned and cut my toe and fingernails. (To be strictly correct they haven’t got a caravan but a motorvan, so I suppose I just say had been mottorvaning, if there is such a word). Not my favourite element of personal […]


25 January 2012

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The other major item occupying much media space is the question of independence for Scotland.. The Scottish Nationalists are seeking a referendum on the topic but want to wait as long as possible in order to persuade the populace to vote for it, whereas the Tories are keen to get on and hold it sooner […]


24 January 2012

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The eye, from which the cataract was removed, seems fine. The first 24 hours being the most critical, i so far as haemorrhaging or infection is concerned. I had to split up the various eye drops into two separate dishes for the girls as there are three different capsules one-for-one eye and two for the […]


23 January 2012

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Last night was uneventful. I used my normal ‘nose only’ respirator without any repetition of the alarm on the night before. So hopefully that was just a one-off. I should know better when the good doctor arrives in a fortnight’s time and we continue our habit of cracking a bottle of champagne each evening. I […]


22 January 2012

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We had our first disturbed night around 12 o’clock. I found that I was having great difficulty breathing under the’ nose only’ respirator. Both nostrils were semi-blocked and I was having to force the air into my lungs. After 10 or 15 min. I slightly panicked and hit the alarm button for ‘ my lovely’. […]


21 January 2012

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! My best wishes to all of my Chinese readers for a happy, healthy and successful New Year I hope the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre will forgive me reproducing their card to me but I am rather handicapped in finding an original one of my own. The captain of the tragic […]

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