30 September 2010

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  This turned out to be a crunch day for considering the future. The problem being that we do not know precisely how long that future is and when changes to our present routine will be necessary. The two matters that we gave some considerable consideration to today, were how we would cope when I […]


29 September 2010

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My complaint to the General Dental Association is being dealt with swiftly. I received a call from an administrator from the complaints department who took an oral statement from me over the telephone which he will send in word form so that I can make any necessary amendments in order to satisfy myself that it […]


28 September 2010

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A chaotic day. First of all the hoist men arrived to fit a horizontal hoist at ceiling level in our bathroom, which I had hoped would overcome the problem of lifting me off the loo. Sadly the construction of our bathroom was such that it was not possible to fit that particular hoist. So is […]


27 September 2010

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Although it is  Monday I am supposed to be at the (Tuesday) geriatric golf day, it being switched due to a society playing tomorrow. However, both Griggsy and I decided that the weather was too miserable to make the effort so no riding round the golf course this week. Yesterday, my darling daughter Chloe came […]


25 September 2010

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25 September 2010   Yesterday turned out be what, I suspect, the last reasonably warm day of the summer, or should I say the autumn, which came in a couple of days ago. We went to a ‘drinks and eats’ party put on by David and Madeline Young, who, like our friends the Curtis’ were […]


23 September 2010

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The big day has arrived. Tonight saw the  20th anniversary dinner of the Arbitration Club at Drapers Hall, in the city of London. Keith Kirkwood, despite his fortnight away in New Zealand (returning three days ago to especially to tidy up the details) did a splendid job. His ‘running order’ as he calls it, had […]


22 September 2010

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  For those readers who are not cricket lovers they will be delighted to learn that today is the last of the international cricket season, at least so far as the UK is concerned -the fifth, and deciding game in the One-Day Internationals against Pakistan. England won the toss and decided to bat however they […]


21 September 2010

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A glorious late summer’s day for the geriatric golf today. I had my usual ride around with Griggsy accompanied by a lot of ragging and  laughter, which, no doubt, did me the power of good. Between times getting me out of the car and in and out of the club house, good old Scott, the […]


20 September 2010

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Another week has gone by and I am still on my feet. At least I am tottering about using my gutter frame but would not feel very confident in going any great distance with it. The longest journey I do at the moment is from the house to the office and back. Regular readers will […]


19 September 2010

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Had a very pleasant weekend. A quiet Saturday and then the drinks party on Sunday with the Olivier’s saying goodbye to the Curtis’, the erstwhile neighbours.in the Arkesden Road. Alice wheeled me around in the wheelchair as the house was any a couple of hundred yards away. We didn’t stay too long at the party […]

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