Bank Holiday Monday, 31 May 2010

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The day of the annual Clavering Village Fete  fete. Sadly,  what was 50 years ago, when we first came here,  a small typical village affair, where rolling for a pig meant that the winner actually took home a little piglet and a tug-of-war was fought valiantly between teams from the two local pubs, has changed […]


30 May 2010

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Son Smiler came down to lunch today and afterwards he wheeled his poor old dad around the village green for some fresh air and  a change of scenery. This was he first time I’ve actually been out of the house in the wheelchair and hopefully, the last, after the cast has comes off, for sometime. […]


29 May 2010

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Life is made up with givers and takers. I am blessed in being surrounded by givers. My lovely wife, my son and daughter, St Michael (Dr Long) and Paul Newman, just to mention a few who have involved themselves in my life over the past few weeks with their generosity of love and spirit.. Sadly, […]


28 May 2010

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Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful day at Lord’s. It was the second day of the first test. This one, England v Bangladesh. The two new boys,, Trot and Morgan were still in overnight and Trot went on to score an excellent double century. The  tail failed to wag and England were all out for 504. […]


24 May 2010

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It is  now hitting three weeks since the cast was put onto my leg and therefore I am able to place a little more weight on it as I stagger about with my pulpit  frame. I will be very interested to see what happens when the cast is removed on 14 June and whether I […]


22 May 2010

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On doctor’s advice, today, we make more use of the pulpit frame than of the wheelchair. The good doctor undertook showering duties. He stood there in his bathers while I supported myself on the pulpit frame whilst being washed down with the long handle sponge, in our new wet room. This is all seem to […]


21 May 2010

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‘My lovely’ birthday. It was a beautiful summer’s day and we had lunch in garden. Although the ramps have yet to be installed, the good doctor managed to manoeuvre the wheelchair over the front doorstep and across the brick paving get me to the lunch table outside. Darling Chloe arrived mid-morning and spent the day […]


20 May 2010

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The transition from hospital to home went remarkably smoothly thanks to the preparations made by ‘ my lovely’. Our most helpful OT, Sarah Moss, had arranged with Social Services for two lady helpers to come in and put me to bed,  anticipating that the whole process would have to be carried out using the hoist […]



19 May 2010

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My last day in hospital. I’m writing this from the discharge lounge, or rather from the sunny courtyard  attached to it. – it is the most beautiful early summer’s day. I’m fully dressed and equipped with my marvellous pulpit frame,  ready to go home but have been told I might be here for some hours […]



18 May 2010

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Earlier, when I told the reader how I spent a typical day in hospital,  I completely forgot to mention the food which is so often criticised. I have to say again I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality. The breakfast was pretty basic. Various fruit juices. cereals and toast. Lunch, and indeed the evening […]


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