28 February 2012

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Great excitement yesterday. Having determined that the corrupt USB ports may be at the root of many of the problems from which I have suffered with this laptop over the last six months, I completed a Financial Assistance form, sent to me by the MND Association, except there was one section I could not fill […]


27 February 2012

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A very satisfactory night with minimal pain despite the pain consultant saying that I could suffer more severe pain in my shoulder for the next month after which it should get better for a year or so. So far all I’ve done is to cut out the paracetamol and double the dose of the amitriptyline […]


26 February 2012

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Thank goodness a trouble-free night despite me being slightly apprehensive as the mask was clamped on before going down. Quite illogical as the problem which occurred the night before is unlikely to recur. Another lovely spring like day, but not quite warm enough for me to sit out in the garden. We have an old […]


25 February 2012

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No sooner had I got into my office (8.05 this morning than a call came through from Abu Dhabi from one of my cricketing mates., Patrick Lepper. I told him he was pushing his luck telephoning an invalid at that time of the morning. I suspect that he had forgotten about the time difference. Anyway, […]


24 February 2012

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I am pleased to report that I had a reasonably comfortable night, with minimal pain in my hips and shoulder. Ironically, the worst pain was in my knees which I believe to be arthritis and nothing is, or can, be done about that except, perhaps, to have a keyhole operation on each to clear out […]


23 February 2012

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This morning I went off to the pain clinic to have the injection in my shoulder. Dr Mark Abrahams, the pain consultant, at Addenbrookes, carried out the .procedure. He managed to do with me sitting in my wheelchair. I can’t pretend that it was particularly pleasant or pain free, poking the needle about inside my […]


22 February 2012

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At last the agreement to bail out Greece has been agreed, signed and is in place, so for the time being we can all breathe a little easier. How long this arrangement will survive remains to be seen. Certainly the Greek populace are not at all pleased with the outcome to which their government has […]


21 February 2012

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Paul’ the computer’, has fixed up my music, as he promised, so I can control it from my laptop and play it through my Bose speakers. He has yet to set up the macro commands for me, like scrolling down scrolling up; selecting a named composer or piece of music etc, all of which is […]


20 February 2012

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I have a new problem and I hate mentioning it as I feel as though I’m always complaining about something, however this one is getting a little serious. It’s all to do with the cushion in my NHS lounger. I think the flesh on my backside has virtually disappeared and I find myself sitting on […]


19 February 2012

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I’m sorry to say I had a really bad night last night. The pain in my shoulder and my hip were excruciating. Thank goodness I have an appointment with the pain clinic towards the end of the week and hopefully day will be able to ameliorate this situation. The other medical condition which I have […]

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