29 May 2012

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We heard, the late yesterday afternoon, from Two Counties carers, that they had been successful in tendering for our night care, so looks as though it will be Ross Nursing during the day and Two Counties for the nights. I am perfectly happy with this arrangement, and indeed immensely grateful that the service still exists […]


28 May 2012

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Another ‘good night’ sheltered from harm by the bodiless voice of ‘Sylvia, our , night sitter from Two Counties (How many of you remember singing Who is Sylvia, what is she…. Or perhaps that other favourite, but with a little more verve, T’was on a Monday morning …… extolling the virtues of Monday being the […]


27 May 2002

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As we are unwittingly in the middle of a change in my health and health care, I feel obliged to report that last night must be classified as a’ good night’, only calling on the services of the night sitter three or four times. This then was the report given to by, what to me, […]


26 May 2012

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No matter my good intentions of keeping away from my health issues, I am forced by events to mention the scare I had last evening. I had retired at my usual time and for the second night running had the added comfort of a carer sitting up all night in the same room. Not only […]


25 May 2012

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Another virtually pain-free night. As I write this I realise that the past few weeks, most of my daily entries seem to start with my state of health. This is boring for me, let alone the readers and I am intent on not falling into the same trap as Marcel Proust, the 19th-century French novelist, […]


24 May 2012

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In the end it turned out that my night sitter was that good, reliable carer, Sam, from our own team at Ross Nursing. Nevertheless I think we are in for a battle royal today between Harriet and the social services to try to get this matter resolved to my satisfaction as well as the providers. […]


23 May 2012

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Another good day after an almost painless sleep. Smiler left shortly after breakfast promising to come, probably next week. I have as they see me recovering from that at face, both Chloe and Smiler will realise that I am not at death’s door and however much I love seeing them both. They needn’t feel obliged […]


22 May 2012

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Another good night’s sleep with no prolonged pain. As soon as my’ lovely’ can get used to the new arrangement overnight and relax more, we will start enjoying the full benefits. I must say I’m very grateful to the combined efforts of Harriet, head of Ross Nursing; Doctor West, now my GP; and Sarah, my […]


21 May 2012

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A red letter day – ‘My Lovely’s’ birthday. We had no particular plans for celebration, as much to do with all the medical business going on as anything else, as Alice, like most women of ‘a certain age! – does not like drawing attention to her advancing years! Dear Chloe took over the role occupied […]


20 May 2012

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The good Doctor Michael slept in the bedroom, keeping an ear out for the alarm. In fact, we classed it as a relatively good night as we slept until 3.30, after which giving me a good drink of water, as my mouth was as parched dry as a camel’s after a lengthy trek through the […]

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