31 January 2008

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The second problem, I had mentioned to the doctor was a slight weakness in my left arm. Again, I pointed out that this weakness only seemed to come on after some period of exercise. She tested my muscle strength and decided to refer me to a rheumatologist. I questioned this at the time and respectfully asked if I should not be seeing a neurologist as I suspected the problem may have emanated from a nerve in my neck ( from the 4/5 cervical fusion I had had some years earlier after being struck in the back of the neck in a polo match, smashing four vertebrae) but she was adamant that the rheumatologist was the correct consultant I should see. The Dr. was not particularly concerned about this problem and as I was about to go to Australia I almost left further investigations until I returned at the end of March. However I did then follow it up and saw the rheumatologist today.

He carried out a blood test and immediately referred me to the London Bridge Hospital for a nerve conduction test.

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