3 April 2009

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I went up to London today, to have lunch with my nephew, James Grand. Unfortunately the trip started badly. The train came in to the station at Audley End, I was the last to leave the waiting room and was unable to open the door quickly enough – it was just too heavy. By the time I managed to get the door open the train was about to depart. In my anxiety I dropped my bag, spilling out all the contents. To compound everything I then tripped over them and fell flat on my back. The kind man who stopped to assist me, said that he saw my head bounce on the concrete platform – however no harm done. By this time though, the train driver, possibly fearing he would be delayed, closed the doors and pulled out. I had to wait half an hour for the next train. Not a good start to the day.

I further compounded my problem by going into White’s Club and sitting there for 20 minutes before I realised I should have been 20 yards down the road at Boodles.


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