29 April 2009

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Great excitement today my BioBidet was wired in by the electrician. It works wonderfully well and I can operate the remote control with my toe. The only drawback, I suppose, is having to sit there for around three minutes for the warm air nozzle to do its drying job.

I have been giving some thought as to how I will manage to go to the loo when I’m away from home and have lost the use of my hands, for example, when I want to walk round the golf course with the other geriatrics on a Tuesday. So, today, I purchased a kilt, from eBay. What I have in mind is wearing this in the summer, au naturelle, so to speak, and therefore having nothing to put down or up. Whether this will work I can only tell when the garment arrives and I can get in some practice. It’s no big deal either way, as the cost was quite modest but if it works, that will be great, it will give me more freedom in the summer, at least!


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