2 May 2009

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Al. and I were in fits of giggles this morning trying on my ‘skirt’ (kilt). It looked very weird until we to took the tacking out of the pleats. Unfortunately the 38 inch waist may prove to be too big certainly if I lose any weight, which is my intention.
Kilts are not easy to take in, so I’m not quite sure what we will do. Anyway, I shall risk the ribald comments and amusement from my fellow golf club members and wear it the next time I go to the club, which will be on Tuesday 26th May, as I’m in London for the next two geriatric golf days.

My good friend Dr. Michael Long, arrives today, from Melbourne Australia. He’s spending the bank holiday with us and leaves for Dublin on Tuesday. I think I will get him to give me a hand with the feeding frame which needs adjusting for height.

We have a nice itinerary planned out for him. Dinner at home tonight with friends; lunch out to the pub in tomorrow with some other friends and possibly a street market and Morris dancers at Thaxsted on Bank Holiday Monday depending on the weather.

Whilst waiting for Michael to ring from the airport I spent a couple of hours in the first warm sunshine we’ve had this year. Happily dozing in a deck chair listening to classical music on my iPod.

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