9 July 2009

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I was absolutely amazed yesterday when I checked on the statistics for the blog and found that there have been around 25,000 hits since April 16th. There were 10,000 or so requests for pages presumably for people reading the diary or the anecdotes.

I did give the blog some exposure when it started, through my various contacts, at home and overseas but it is still an amazing statistic. I expect the novelty will soon wear off.

Some of the people who have accessed the blog probably came through the MND Association or the Cancer Association, both of whom have included a 500 word profile of me on their respective web pages. In addition I joined patientslikeme.com, at the suggestion of my MND team leader, and completed a profile which I hope will assist other sufferers. Again, I suppose that there have been some hits as a result of that. I do advise anyone with a serious illness to use this ‘patients like me’ webpage as it can provide a great deal help and support from persons suffering from something similar to yourself.

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