31 August 2009

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A sunny August Bank Holiday mainly spent in the garden after a hectic few days away.  Today two myths – long-held by me were – just  shattered.  A report in The Times recorded that  taking a daily dose of aspirin may do more harm than good.  Secondly, that those who believe that red wine can ward off heart disease are wrong.  In fact, scientists claim this very this daily aspirin can increase the risk of developing an irregular heartbeat. These were the findings of two independent studies  presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona.

For some years now I have taken  a .75 mg aspirin every evening, on the advice of one of my good doctor friends which he told me would decrease the likelihood of me having a heart attack.  I’ve also had a small whiskey most evenings, this on the advice of my GP, that it was good to increase one’s heartbeat. I shall cease taking aspirin forthwith but make no promises about the whiskey.

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