2 October 2009

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A very enjoyable lunch with a past pupil friend, Jon Miller, chewing over old times, at that great little restaurant in Bishopsgate, Boisdale. Clearly it has some history as one reads on their cigar match box:

Dandelion Co Heritage Boisdale 1780

Fetch me a pint  wine

Robbie Burns 1780

And on the other side:

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, sermons and soda water, the day after

Lord Byron 1845

On the way through Liverpool Street Station I had a meeting with Bill Godwin to agree on the division of lectures for the forthcoming visit to China. I was perturbed to learn that Bill has to leave Beijing at midday on Sunday and therefore I will have to manage that last day on my own. I just pray that I am up to it and do not feel totally worn out by the third day.

England got their comeuppance today in South Africa, being soundly thrashed in the quarterfinals, in the World Series, by Australia. England have some serious thinking to do about training their team for future one-day matches.

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