5 October 2009

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My geriatric flu jab today but not swine flu. Apparently the vaccine will not be available until the end of this year. I just hope I don’t pick up anything in China or Thailand.

Now my hands are virtually useless, permanently at right angles to my arms unless I am wearing a wrist support, I have worked out how to take my pills by licking the frozen forefinger finger, on my left-hand, and picking them up that way. Things like pieces of chocolate or segments of orange, I nudge onto the back of my left-hand and eat them from there. It’s rather liked the action of taking snuff!


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  • Dear Professor

    A note to say that yesterday I was diagnosed with MND at Ninewells Hostpital in Dundee here in Scotland; today is therefore the morning after a rather traumatic moment in our lives! So I write this at the beggining of our journey and have been strengthened by reading your diary which my brother (he works off Lower Sloane Street) sent through to me last night – it has perked me up. We are both 58 and have 3 children (2 in London 1 in Hong Kong) and I would like to keep in touch with you. If you have any pointers/advice you may feel able to let my wife and I have to help cope in this the early stages it would be mcuh appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Tom Gilbey.

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