8 October 2009

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Horror of horrors, wisdom tooth extraction day. Went to Addenbrookes at lunchtime to have it yanked out. Not a happy experience particularly as they managed to break the tooth and leave a small part of the root behind, which meant a lot of poking, a certain amount of cutting and the loudest drilling that I’ve ever experienced. However, all was well in the end and I suffered little discomfort. I have a good set of gnashers, thank goodness, as they replace my fingers from time to time, so to lose a wisdom tooth is a serious loss.

The relatively new Jokes section of this blog seems to gone down rather well. So much so that I invite any reader to send me their best joke and after I have vetted it in dmarkcato@hotmail.com, provided it is neither racist or sexist, I would consider including it on the blog to share with the other hundreds of readers who log in daily.

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