10 October 2009

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After consulting the film maker, Monti, I have decided to include his magnificent DVD of the dinner given in my Honour at the Atheneum in September. Apart from anything else it’s a joy of the photographers art. In addition there are four separate slideshows of conversation pieces between every guest but I’ve not included those as they will not be known to most people. Beyond that the DVD it serves two purposes. One it shows my friends, and those interested, the state I am in after two years with MND and includes a number of pictures of my beautiful wife. It comprises mainly the speeches given at the dinner, most of which I hogged and includes most of the early jokes now posted in the ‘Jokes‘ section of this blog. I can hear some people saying it’s not the joke so much as a way you tell them. You don’t have to look at this DVD but it may give some people some amusement.

As it was good of old Richard setting up a video section, it means that I can include other short video clips, in the future, should they be of general interest. This first one, I agree is rather too long.


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