15 October 2009

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Lunch in London, at Mercer’s, in Threadneedle Street, with┬ámy publishers, Informa Group, and Professor Robert Merkin, who is collaborating with Dr. Julian Critchlow, on the Fourth Edition of my large tome, Arbitration Practice and Procedure Interlocutory Hearing Problems. It was good to meet Robert at last as he is one of the other big names in arbitration publishing. I’m confident that between him, and Julian, they will do a good job of the update.

Recently I’ve been having difficult in holding my cutlery which I have fitted with cellular foam tubing – so much cheaper than the specialist cutlery with thick handles. However, I’m finding these foam handles are slippery and therefore hard to grip with my weak hands. So I conceived the idea of applying some sort of pimpled surface, rather like you can get on a table tennis bat.. I thought I would be able to walk into a sports shop and get some of these table tennis bat covers and then, cut them up and stick them on to my cutlery handles. However this did not prove to be the case.

I then had a brain wave of ringing my friend John Gray, the erstwhile CEO of Gray Nicolls, the famous cricket bat manufacturers, originally from Cambridge. (He was the chap who gave me a wonderful week on his magnificent yacht in Elba last Summer). He got straight onto the case and telephoned son Nick in Australia, where some of the bats are now made. Nick reminded dad that they used pimpled surfaces on their wicket keeping gloves. Nick then contacted their factory in India, where this material is made, and a small batch is on its way. Wow, I shall report further when it arrives.

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  • Jeffrey Steer says:

    Dear Professor Cato
    Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey Steer and I have had MND for some 7 and a bit years now, ALS type.My symptoms sarted at the tender age of 48. When as a very fit individual who could run a good 3 hour marathon, I sart to tip over while out running, and after some 16 month of seeing many clever doctor and professor I was diagnosed, the rest as they say is history. After seeing your spot in the autumn, thump print .I took a look at your web site .Excellent and fun read buy the way.After looking at your vidio of you at a lunch. I could not help but notic your hands which are similar to my own. Has anyone put you in touch with company call, Dynamic Movement Orthoses.Who make a range of bespoke made, hand supports made from lycra for people with hand problems like ourselves. I would recommend you take the time to google them and have a look at there webb site. I have had one of there gloves now for some weeks now and my range of hand movments has increase by some 45 %.but it is just great to have my hand back into a normal shape instead of the closed fist they have become .That is it, my one finger that I use for typing is giving up.

    my best regards and very best wishes to you and your dear wife,
    were would we be with out them

    Jeff Steer

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