18 October 2009

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Packing and final tidying up before the trip with a nice lunch at the Axe & Compasses in Arkesden. I had a phone call today, from my friend John Gray, re the pimpled material, about which I rang him only three days ago and which, through his son in Australia, he arranged to have sent from India. Can you believe it the package has arrived!  Amazing. In view of the impending postal strike, scheduled to start later this week, I think Royal Mail may have to look to their laurels.

The other big excitement today was having my fingernails cut by the social services nurse. She made it clear that they were doing me a favour so I will be very interested to learn the outcome of Sir Alan Hazlehurst enquiries – following my letter to him on the subject- to the Essex County Council about the provision of such a service to all elderly citizens of this County.

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