8 November 2009

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That’s about it on the physical side. Nothing too alarming. I think the reader deserves a veritable feast of anecdotes, jokes etc. for some light relief. After all we must not lose sight of the objective of this blog. It is not all about me dying. Although it started out as Dying to Live with MND the astute reader will have noticed that I have dropped the words with MND as it was clearly reaching a much larger readership (it passed 100,000 hits today!!) specifically as there is a substantial discussion about cancer. I hope that it has become more about living than dying, that is the reason why I added the extraneous material, jokes and now a photo section within means I can include matters totally detached from day to day problems – all design to inspire – to encourage each reader to live every moment of every day; to appreciate the good things in life; to have a good chuckle at the jokes, even if some of them are golden oldies.

If it achieves this objective, as I have frequently said, the effort is worthwhile. For this reason I am substituting the law to all of this blog form Succour through Sharing to Sharing through Sharing.

So, for your delectation – as the Victorian musical compere would say – I have added the following to my blog.


Butch Lumpkin – an inspiring video this is one of the most inspirational video you will ever see. Whatever problems you are suffering from you will realise, after watching this, that there is always someone worse off who has managed to overcome his adversity. Watch the way he uses his feet to tee up his golf ball. Although I have all but lost the use of my hands, I still have the use of my clenched fists, to some extent my arms, elbows and legs. How lucky I am compared the Butch.


Medical Humour

Ode to a golf ball.

Cheltenham Races


Blue Beauty – scenes from outer space – a beautiful slideshow which should make you feel better just for the viewing.


  • charles cox says:

    Dear Mark .

    How lovely it was to see you again on the Train home yesterday from Liverpool st , i have never seen the journey pass so quickly as i was so impreseed with your thoughts on your illness and i have been left totally ‘ inspired ‘ by you yet again .

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    I will keep in touch with you my e-mail is charles.cox90@btinternet.com

    All the best ;; Charles

  • DMC says:

    I really don’t know how this WordPress thing works. I’ve had your very kind e-mail at least three or four times now in different formats and have answered them all.. Anyway, just in case my earlierreplies did not get through, let me reiterate what a pleasure it was to meet up with you on the train.

    So far as your website is concerned congratulations on winning the best site in the world for 2010 .Your site is almost as good as mine! Think yourself lucky I did not know there was such a competition otherwise, who knows.

    As I say it was good to meet up with you again keep in touch..

    Best wishes


    PS I’m a little puzzled as to why you should add a comment to 8 November 21 entry when we are six months on?

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