The Singing Dog

Posted by Richard Morris on 9 November 2009 in Videos |

Mark introduces us to his singing dog, Worlington…


  • Andrea Willmore says:

    Love it! So what’s the dog’s name then?

  • Prof. D Mark Cato says:

    Dear Andrea

    Good to hear from you, Andrea. I am so glad that you’re keeping up with my blog.
    An update is about to go on and next week I hope to include details of my trip.

    I shall have to think of an appropriate name for that wonderful dog. It still makes me laugh even when I watch it.

    I hope all is well with you and you are thriving.

    Kindest personal regards


  • Joanna Higgins says:

    Mark , Mike Hopkins and I have been following your blog . Although based in Manchester Mike is down in the South every so often . Please let us know if you still have happy memories of the MSc course at Kings – we both do and when you get to our age it’s always nice to reminisce !

    All our very best wishes ,Joanna

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