24 November 2009

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I decided to walk no more than 15 holes with the geriatrics today in the hope that when it came to lunch I would not be too exhausted to feed myself. I did indeed manage without assistance. Whether that was due to the shorter walk  I know not.

I do know that I was surprised to learn from another MND sufferer recently that he has good days and bad days and if he is facing a fairly heavy day ahead he usually rests up the day before.

I have never really considered this before but I suppose the same could well apply to me and maybe that’s the reason why, last week at the golf lunch I had to be fed. My approach, on the whole has always been to ignore my disability and go flat out  as long as I am able. Maybe I should change my ways!

Time, I think, for some more irrelevant material.. To the Jokes section I have added:

The Thoughtful Husband: 23 really awful Oldies and If  we only knew for sure and to the Photo section Beautiful China: Nature in Splendid Colour and Spectacular !!  From Mars Lander!! – these last three are really something beautiful to behold.


  • Brita says:

    I always read your blog/diary,find it interesting,amusing and uplifting.Makes me realise how lucky I am to be fit and well.I love the way you can joke about your condition rather than moan.
    I just skip through the photos and jokes ,not relevant for me.

  • DMC says:

    Brita.how very kind of you to take the trouble to comment on the blog. It gives me particular pleasure when I hear from someone who is not ill or depressed bur merely inspired by the content of the blog. It makes the whole exercise so well worthwhile.

    I include the jokes as much as anything for those people who are feeling rather low, in the hope that one or two of them will make them chuckle and forget their problems for a few moments. I know most of the jokes are pretty awful but they do seem to do the trick, So far as the Photographs, Anecdotes and Videos are concerned, I really think you are missing something. Most of them are either beautiful or sensational and therefore, in their own way, inspirational for someone who might need a lift. By all means forget that Jokess but DO look at the other bits and pieces. They take a great deal of time to do and I would hate to think that they were not really being appreciated.

    best wishes


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