27 December 2009

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Chloe and family gathered up their hordes of booty and left shortly before lunch, leaving a void but restoring the house to its normal tranquillity. Next year they will be elsewhere. Where will we be I wonder! I have personally have wonderful Christmas only slightly marred by the realisation that I am increasingly finding it difficult to rise out of a low chair evidencing the increasing weakness of my legs. They actually gave way on the way to the church leaving me flat on my back on the church path, but then that might have been the ice, it will certainly before drink time.

The grandchildren seem to have taken my disability in their stride without the necessity for any great explanation. Dear Lara, for example, seeing me struggling to turn a page of a book I was reading, popped over and slotted it under the keeper peg of the book stand on which it rested. When it came to meals the  children quickly accepted that grandpa was going to dress up like a clown, with an apron, wrist supports, a removable wipeable sleeve and would be eating with a bent spoon, with a funny handle, and with a long ‘shoover’ projecting from his left hand for pushing food onto the spoon.

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