New Year’s Eve 2009

Posted by DMC on 31 December 2009 in Diary |

Michael left early this morning to spend the New Year’s Eve celebration with his family in Sweden. A brief but happy visit.

A visit to Addenbrooke’s Hospital this morning for a fitting for lycra gloves. It seems that they have no experience in trying out these ‘second skin’ gloves for MND patients. It will certainly be interesting, both for the hospital and for me, to see if they do any good. I go for a fitting on 21 January.

I received a report from Papworth Hospital today following my visit on 7 December.

Basically all seems well and there is no evidence that there is any bulbar (throat) involvement in this stage. There was a slight concern over my overnight oxygen saturation, measured on the Oxyimeter,  which they will check again on 29 March when they say that they should then be more certain of my trajectory.

Today, was a red letter day for my blog when it passed the 150,000 hits mark, this despite, being still horribly out of date with the last entry, in effect, being 28 November but, as I said earlier, all the information is with Richard,  so hopefully it will be updated very soon.

Alice and I are very boring about New Year’s Eve. Unless we are invited to a party we tend to treat it like most other evening, perhaps spoiling me with a glass of champagne, otherwise reasonably early to bed as usual.


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