6 January 2010

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The Siberian weather continues, with overnight temperatures as low -16°C, with another snowfall overnight in some places in the UK as much as 35 centimetres but not so bad here at home.

The test match is also Siberian from the English point of view. South Africa declared at 447 for 7 leaving it almost impossible for England to win and most unlikely to survive for a draw.

With all the excitement of Christmas I do believe that I have forgotten to mention a milestone in my life. My dear wife insisted that I gave up driving in November. She accepted that I was safe on straight roads but very suspect when it came to bends, which is not a good recipe for safe driving. I gave up without a struggle as I realised that she was right. The problem was not so much grasping the steering wheel, as my fingers curled naturally with the MND, but it was the weakness in my arms, in particular the right one, which locked from time to time and would have made it difficult for me to swerve in an emergency.  I would never have forgiven myself if, as a result,  I was responsible for an accident. In the event Alice sold my lovely old Rover for such a small amount of money  I’m ashamed to mention it, but at least it went to a friend.

Another great escape for England in the test match. In a nail-biting finish, our  number 11, Onions, survived the last 17 balls, to achieve a draw,  which means that England cannot now lose the series.

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