1 February 2010

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Neil from the NHS came to add some more telephone numbers to the Possam, speed it up and increase its volume. Maybe now I find it a less frustrating item of equipment.

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  • neil pennington says:

    I am 47 and have been diagnosed with motor neurone disease for eight years now. I have a possum and operate it and my laptop with a simple foot switch. My laptop has software called the grid, which is brilliant, it has allowed me to research my family tree, so far I have got back over two hundred and fifty years without leaving the house. Keep possitive.

    Neil Pennington

  • DMC says:

    thanks Neil. You’re lucky to have survived eight years, one of the very few. We posum, which I also have, drives me crazy but it is an archaic piece of equipment that if I had the money I would have been me as a voice activated — screen device. Fortunately I have one frozen finger which enables me to use the mouse on my laptop so I use the possum as little as possible. Anyway, I’m glad you’re having fun with yours.

    Best wishes


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