5 February 2010

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Went to London by train today to see my stockbroker, Jenks and after miserably plodding our way through the schedule of heavy losses (not his fault but a general reflection of the market) was compensated with an excellent lunch at the Pescatori in Dover Street. Good old Mark then insisted on taking me back to Liverpool Street Station by taxi and ensuring that I caught my train. The only problem was I had great difficulty getting into the taxi having got down below my normal level of gravity, a long struggle ensued to get me on to the seat. During this period the taxi driver sat impassively, distaining interest. He had seen it all before it seems.  Once securely seated I explained to him that I was not a legless drunk but was suffering from MND, which I think he may have believed. I have determined that any future taxi rides I shall ask the driver to come and assist me in and out of the cab, to avoid further embarrassment of this nature.

England made a good start in the six Nations Rugby Championship with a 30 – 17 points win against the Welsh.

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