8 February 2010

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I am beginning to have problems manipulating my electric toothbrush to clean my teeth. My hands are simply too weak to twist the brush in different directions. However I’m managing for the time being but I don’t think it will be too long before I have to get ‘my lovely’ to do it for me. Heaven knows how she will manage. She doesn’t really approve of electric toothbrushes.

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  • Debra says:

    Hi there, I wanted to let you know that ‘your lovely’ will manage to help you because she loves you unconditionally, just as I did my Mum. Reading this blog ‘tickled’ me, as I remember brushing my Mums teeth in the bathroom as she gradually found it impossible to remove them from her mouth. They were false and when I was scrubbing them, I put them up to my face and started singing ‘play it on my piano’. She laughed her socks off and then cried. It got easier for her eventually 🙂 Thank you for bringing happy memories of my Mum back to me. Hugs Debs

  • DMC says:

    Thank you so much, Debra, for your very kind remarks. I’m so glad that my blog is helping somebody. Unfortunately, I’m currently in the middle of a press scramble as a result of an interview I gave to the Cambridge News, Weekend Edition, who have used shock, scandal captions and put entirely the wrong slant on the objective of the blog which as you appreciate these to help people like you. Read the anecdote Jamie Oliver eat your heart out. Hopefully that will give you a chuckle.
    Best wishes to you all.


  • Eric says:

    Hi professor.i am a young guy in China.reading your blog is really help me a lot.

    I awlays complaint when I am in some bad situation before,but now you make me konw how to face the trouble,how to have a positive attutide to our life.i really appreciate !

    Now,I am definately sure nothing can beat me.

    Anyway,we celebrate the Chinese new year(the tiger of the year)in our country.i wish you professor a good health like a tiger,all the best in the new year.

  • huihui says:

    Hello! professor Cato,i am a chinese boy living in shanghai.The blog is great,hopeful that moves lots of people including my friends.We all hope that you will upbeat forever and overcome fear. Good luck!!!!

  • Emily says:

    Hi Profesor, my mother has the same disease with you, she has been taking chinese medicine four years, it is getting better and better. I recommend her doctor to you: Liu xiao bin professor working in the 1st hospital of Guang zhou chinese medicine university. His tel. number is :86-13798144860.

    • DMC says:

      Many thanks, Emily.I’m not sure that telephoning the doctor would be very helpful I would love to know exactly what problems your mother suffers from what medicines she is taking.

  • Ben says:

    Mark, your life offers a very strong example of what can be achieved by those who live with chronic illness. I read about your blog in today’s Telegraph.
    Thank you for your witness. Your sense of humour obviously helps matters. Thank you also for being so candid in describing the onset of your MD. Urinary incontinence is a symptom of the hereditary neurological illness I have: AMN. I will continue to visit your site and intend sharing your jokes with friends and family. God be with you.

  • DMC says:

    Thank you so much, Ben, on your kind comments. I’m so sorry to hear about your medical problem. Have you read that part of my blog dealing with the Artificial Urinary Sphincter which I have to live with. Having done so if you would like to e-mail me with your telephone number I will be happy to discuss it with you. There is just a chance it could help. Take no notice of what the urologist say.

    Best wishes


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