Saint Valentine’s Day

Posted by DMC on 14 February 2010 in Diary |

I don’t know about the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown being described, by Sarah his wife, as quite romantic for a man, I consider I have always been romantic. Today, I had delivered a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses for ‘my lovely’ which I gave her together with an enormous sloppy Valentine card. I’m sure much appreciated. On her part she had been to M & S  and splashed out on one of their special celebratory St Valentine’s Day meals. Delicious and excellent value. I thought.

England had a lacklustre win against the Italians in Rome, in the 6 Nations Rugby championship. They will have to perform a lot better than that if they have any ambitions to win the championship.

A reader from Canada introduced me to a very funny lady, Jeanne Robertson. I have downloaded one of her monologues entitled ‘Don’t send a man to the grocery store’. If you enjoy that I suggest you log into http://www.itunes.com/JeanneRobertson and look at some of her other material.

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