18 February 2010

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Being half-term, daughter Chloe came down with my three little grandchildren whom I had not seen since Christmas. Up to now I’ve made it my business to visit them every six weeks or so, in London, but with a journey time, there and back, of around five hours, is now becoming a bit of an effort, so I suspect that, from now on, they will make the journey to see me.

We went to Gluttons, in Saffron Walden, for lunch. There was some talk about going to the Museum after that but as they still have the Henry Moore sheep exhibition running and the children had seen it before, we spent the afternoon at home.



  • qinjing says:

    Hi,Mark Cato.I am from China,The Best Wish To You! Happy Everyday!

  • DMC says:

    How very kind. My best wishes to you to have a good year of the Tiger.

    Prof Mark

  • To Mr Cato, your perserverance and courage is an inspiration to me and to the rest of the readers. Take care of yourself and hope that you’ll always be happy in the company of your beloved family. I really enjoys reading your blogs. goodbye sir!

  • DMC says:

    Zeddy,you are extremely time to take the trouble to write to me with such kind thoughts.

    I wish you and yours well.


  • John Kemp says:

    Hello Mark
    My wife Ann read out to me the other evening the start of the Telegraph feature on your Blog. When she got to the Champagne at cricket bit I immediately knew it was you. I used to meet you at Lords when I was a guest of John and Mary-Rose. I particularly remember how the cork-pooping time used to get a bit earlier each year. John has just reminded me of the time he substituted a rather nasty Lambrusco for your very superior champers. You made a very testy remark on the first sip! John has also just told me that have found a way of getting downstairs rather too fast – do be careful.
    We admire your fortitude in the face of such a difficult challenge and will folow your blog. Keep playing down the line.


  • DMC says:

    How good to hear from you, John. I have optimistically purchased Rovers for all my godchildren, nehews and friends for 14 games at Lord’s this year, so perhaps I will have the pleasure of offering you a glass of champagne on one of those days.

    Thank you for your kind remarks

    Best wishes


  • Mary-Rose Fawkes says:

    It was lovely to have a chat with you a couple of days ago, and to be able to catch up with you, and to hear your latest news. I am so pleased that you have also heard from John Kemp. What wonderful times we have had at cricket, and what wonderful memories we all have. Lets hope we can watch some games together this summer, and enjoy a glass or two together! John and I have much admiration of the way you are managing your pridicament, and the help and inspiration you are giving to others.

    • DMC says:

      it was good to hear from you and John, Mary Rose. Thank you for your very kind thoughts. I do hope we have the chance of sharing glass of champagne at Lord’s later in the year.

      Best wishes


  • john fawkes says:

    Dear Mark,

    Mary-Rose and I are at this moment in North Carolina with our daughter Victoria. We have read some of your blog and are very much looking forward to hearing more about the inventions you have developed to cope with your disability and how they may help other patients.

    Delighted that you are already booked for Lords and hope it will be a magnificent season after such a brutal winter. Will be in contact with you on our return.

    Love and all good wishes from Mary-Rose and John.

    • DMC says:

      Always good to hear from my dear friends John and Mary Rose. The first invention should be ready for presentation to a major company shortly. I will keep you
      Love to you both


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