19 February 2010

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I was meant to go to London to have lunch with my stockbroker Peter Long of Brewin Dolphin today, but he was tied up with some heavier corporate affairs, far more important than my piddling portfolio, no doubt, in any event, I was certainly not that keen to travel in this foul weather. Instead I spent the day marking Chinese examination papers.

We had rather dramatic event this evening when, going to bed I toppled backwards from the top step of the stairs, crashing my way all the way to the bottom, and managing to knock ‘ my lovely’ over on the way down. Very fortunately both of us were not badly hurt. Battered and bruised yes, but no broken bones. I certainly could easily have broken my neck. It certainly gave the old girl a bit of a shock, seeing me lying there all the heap. What caused the fall exactly I’m not sure.

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