25 February 2010

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A specialist neurological physiotherapist, Mel, came to see me today as a result of my enquiry concerning the possibility of exercises and massage helping to delay the weakening of my muscles as a result of the MND. I had read an article in the MND Association Newsletter from another MND patient who seems to have derived some benefit from physiotherapy, so I thought it worth a try. In the event, the physio made some useful suggestions for exercises and massage and is going to come next week and take me through them. Despite finding it difficult to get up from chairs she was fairly bullish about my legs and thought it would be some time before I would need a wheelchair, which is great news, if she is right.

Closely on the heels of the physio came an OT to measure me up for an electrically operated reclining chair, provided by the NHS. The only thing she has to check is that it can be in foot operated as I would not have enough strength in my hands pressing the electric button which operates it.

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