16 March 2010

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Today is our 47th wedding anniversary. And this to a girl to whom I proposed three weeks after I met her in Arabia and was told, “ if you were the last man on earth I would never marry you”. Not a totally encouraging response but a two-year romantic courtship followed in Africa and here we are today 47 years later. But that’s another story, all in my autobiographical notes.

The ‘flying doctor’that good Michael Long, arrives today ready to take me off on Qatar Airlines tomorrow to Thailand. The champagne is already cooling on the ice, as our practice is to crack a bottle at 6.00 p.m whilst I smoke my cigar in the office. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the house.

For this trip I will not keep a detailed daily log as I did before but will only deal with any highlights. The full story of the last visit to Hua Hin including the carer’s comments can be found under Anecdotes. Also a video clip showing how beautiful is this resort can be found under the Videos, so I doubt if there is little more I can say as the daily routine will go by pretty much as before.

It will just be a matter of how I cope, particularly, with the stairs up to the second floor I do hope we do not have to move to the ground floor which is far less sunny and more public.

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