6 April 2010

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The first truly spring-like day, sunny and bright but a chilly wind. I joined the geriatrics this morning and by sharing a buggy with Griggsy was able to walk and ride alternately and in this fashion probably walked about half of the course, albeit in a slow plodding fashion. There is certainly a noticeable deterioration in my legs over the past few weeks.

Those of you who have read the good doctor’s account of our recent visit to Thailand will realise what a demanding role is a carer’s job. I have been constantly amazed at how much care I need, for example, just for my Tuesday visit to the golf club, from the moment I am picked up in the morning to be taken to the club, either by Sir George or Peter Murphy, strapping me into their car, with my bag full of accoutrements etc and on arrival at the club being dressed up to brave the elements on the course by any poor soul who happens to be standing about. Out on the course, whenever my legs got tired, I was offered and accepted frequent lifts in Tony Griggs’ golf buggy. Later, after divesting me of my outdoor clothes and changing my shoes, usually then fetching me a drink in my two handled mug with its special straw; lighting a cigar and making sure that it’s placed properly in my smoking stick before we go into lunch. Somewhere between all of this having a pee and accosting any passing member to adjust my trousers. – today John Tilbrook was the lucky one.

Then there is the whole business of the apron, the wrist support on one hand and wipeable sleeve on the other, and so on to attend to, even before I consider what food I’m going to eat, which is usually fetched by others. I make no distinction, any passing member or member who finds himself sitting next to me gets lumbered with the task, as did David Robson and John Gray yesterday. Poor David got in a terrible muddle with the wrist support but he will learn. All of this is so typical of the members of this wonderful golf club any of whom would be interchangeable with those who kindly assisted me today. That’s why this has always been, and continues to be, a very special place for me. We are truly a family of members.
The sort of kindness which is really touching is when the boys see you’re having a bit of a struggle toward the end of the meal, as happened yesterday, David Robson on one side and John Gray on the other, without any prompting, started scooping up the food and fed me. Finally there’s the day removal of all the gear to attend to before I am kindly chauffeured home. It just goes to show that without all these little touches of kindness there is no way that I could possibly attend the geriatrics golf day on Tuesdays. I am deeply grateful and take nothing for granted.

Patrick and Gillian William-Powlett brought her three children to tea and to visit Mouse, the donkey.

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