18 April 2010

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Mark Tully’s, Radio Four  Sunday morning slot, Something Understood, today dealt with the, Power of Positive Thinking -something in which I had always strongly believed. This led me to wondering how effective is this blog, on my readers, in terms of imparting positive thinking to them. The blog is, after all, all about Living Carpe Diem (Live for the Day) and all that. Although I receive a number of e-mails from various parts of the world about the inspirational aspect of the blog, or perhaps more particularly, about my own positive attitude to the MND, I would like to receive readers comments on the inspirational material which I include in the Anecdotes, Photographs and Video (one of the few positive comments on these side issues – whose sole purpose is to inspire and entertain – is that the reader “did not like my jokes”! I take great care to try to avoid anything that is even mildly racist, sexist, political or religious). These side issues  comprise a collection of the truly inspirational stories about courageous individuals who have overcome great adversity or photographs of stunning beauty on which,  I would have expected readers to have commented. Commenting is easy. Just click on the ‘comment’ icon at the end of each entry and say how much you love, appreciate or were inspired by them, so that I know I am not wasting my time including them. I hope not, as I am certainly   inspired or filled with pleasure at some of the beautiful things I have included, both on earth and in space, where great beauty exists, which is  wondrous to behold; it is also a great privilege to be allowed to share it

Early evening I was picked up by Tristan to be taken to his home to meet his father-in-law, John, an engineer inventor, who is Tristan’s girlfriend’s father. The object of the visit was for me to learn a little bit of my licensing and intellectual property protection,  as John has been through this process with his own  invention -a self sterilising baby bottle -which now sells all over the world. As much as anything the value of the meeting was not so much what to do as to what to avoid doing. As a result, I should be better prepared when it comes to negotiating the terms of the deal on one or more of my invention and then they ever reach that point.

Tristan’s own father was also present. He seemed awfully nice chap and, as a retired accountant was able to make Some useful interjections. I am grateful toTristan for the introductions.

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