21 April 2010

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Suddenly the ban on flying was lifted. 15 hours earlier in  Europe than in the UK. It seems that the risk was over stated. Now the writs begin to fly, for compensation!

The application form for Election as a Trustee to the MND Association, came today. So now it’s crunch time. I must decide whether or not I want my name to go forward. Am I going to really be able to contribute something tangible as I certainly do not want to be there just making up the numbers. I understand that only two of the current Board of Trustees have mild MND so another one, possibly slightly more advanced in the disease, maybe useful to the Board. As to the commitment I gather there are four meetings a year, I believe in Nottingham, each involving an overnight stay. This then in turn means that Alice will have to  accompany me as my carer. One problem is that she is not over keen spending time away from the house, in particular, during the cold winter months when there is a possibility of pipes freezing. However, she has not vetoed the idea so I suppose we could at least try it for a year or so and see how it works out, that is, of course, if I get elected. I shall have one further telephone call with a trustee before I finally made up my mind.

A good neighbour, Graham Smith, a very experienced  IT man, came round this evening to discuss the possibility of talking me through WordPress, so that I will be able to make all of my own entries  onto this blog and not rely on poor Richard (Morris), my web designer, who is severely overworked and needs this additional responsibility like a hole in the head. I know that Richard is supposed to be preparing a Mug’s Guide on WordPress, for me But as I have pleaded for this for some months, I really believe that I must take matters into my own hands. Once I have true control I need never be more than a day or two out of date, whereas at present  some entries have taken almost a month, after leaving me, to get on.

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