27 April 2010

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Son Smiler’s birthday. He went off on the day with Kimberly so I shall catch up with him later. It was the most beautiful day, really quite warm and the joy to join the geriatrics at the golf club. I confess I’ve probably rode in the  buggy with Griggsy, a little more than I actually walked.

Disaster this afternoon when my lovely NHS ‘recliner/ stand-up’ share drops back in the up position making impossible to use. I telephoned the OT and she promised they would attend to it shortly. Fortunately I had just purchased a couple of UpEasy cushions which work on a gas filled hydraulic cylinder to raise a sitter to a standing position by applying a light pressure on the arm of the chair, so I was able to sit down. The point being that Alice is finding it increasingly difficult to lift me out of a chair as I am a complete deadweight and I am anxious not to strain her back.

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