28 April 2010

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Work continues on the wet room and  the path and the engineer came and fixed the chair -it turned out to be just a loose cable.

I received an e-mail today from Patrick Joyce who has been selected by the MND Association as a serious face of MND. Patrick is an artist who was diagnosed pretty much the same time as I was. He can still walk are as use of his hands and arms although like mine they are limited. Despite this Patrick has decided that, before he dies, he will paint 100 portraits, of, what the MND Association described as Incurable Optimists. He has completed three portraits – his wife, his urologist and Sarah Ezekiel, last year’s Face of MND, who is the subject of ‘ Sarah’s Story.’ Patrick has done me the honour of asking if I will become the fourth subject. As I said in my reply, I wondered if I really qualified but, not wishing to be churlish, I agreed. As requested I have sent some head and shoulder photographs for him to look at. If these are not satisfactory I would try to get Smiler take one or two more when he comes on Friday.

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