6 May 2010

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Election day. Lunch with Douglas Gordon at the Axe & Compasses, in Arkesden. He very kindly telephoned, just before lunch, asking which car he should bring, being aware of my immobility I said, the one with the highest seats. He turned with an magnificent ancient open topped Rolls-Royce, which apparently had belonged to his father some 60 years ago and he had been fortunate enough to buy back a few years ago. Unfortunately, the running board was so high that even after several attempts, I simply could mount. I abandoned the attempt and poor Douglas had to return home and get his other, far less salubrious, car.

Whilst he was away I returned to my office, but the effort of trying to get into the car had exhausted my legs. In attempting to negotiate the highest step into my office, I toppled over backwards  smacking my poor head on the ground, once again. I was a bit shaken but fortunately there was no serious damage, so went on, on Douglas’s return, to enjoy a pleasant lunch. On the way to the Axe, we dropped in a polling station to cast my vote. After checking with head office the returning officer  kindly bought my voting slip to the car where I made my rather shaky cross.

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