9 May 2010

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I am in an all-male ward with five other elderly gentleman, most of them, it appears to me, suffering from some form of dementia or Parkinson’s disease. It is a very clean and cheerful ward and the  nursing staff are extremely patient and helpful.

Further bad news for me was when the consultant informed me that I should prepare myself for spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I must say this was a real shock, early. For a brief period this news left me feeling rather frightening. I knew that would be my inevitable end but did not expect it to come before the end of this year. I will have a rethink how I manage my daily existence getting  to Lord’s for the cricket for example (My cricket mates have been dying to get one of us into a wheelchair for years so that they can hog the front row in the Tavern stand – but I never thought it would be me!)

Good old Mick-emailed me today dismissing the whole idea of my not being able to walk again  As he says it is only a piddley fracture. I’m with Mick. I shall persevere and do my recommended exercises assiduously, probably doing the twice as many as recommended. Aiming  to at least be able to stand shortly after the cast is removed. I might even be able to move from a chair to the wheelchair without specialist assistance. If I do manage this it will make an enormous difference to my daily existence, certainly over the next few months.

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