15 May 2010

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Another great day as far as mobility is concerned, no hoist just the pulpit frame.

What is a typical day here like for me for me here in hospital? I usually start my day at around for a listening to the World Service on the BBC, until radio four takes over at 5:30 a.m. Breakfast arrives at around 8.am in between I usually manage to do my daily bed exercises and then, leave my bed, using the pulpit frame and a little help from the nurses, into the bedside chair for breakfast.

After breakfast, which comprises cornflakes, orange juice and a piece of toast, if I am fortunate enough to grab a couple of nurses who take me into the shower to sit on the  loo and then have a thoroughly good shower, sitting on the fixed shower seat, before returning me to my  bedside chair to work through the morning on my laptop.

Another night mare night. I am certainly not going to be explicit as it might embarrass one or other of the patients or their     families. I only mention the fact that at night those poor souls who are confused are at their worst. In summary, not knowing where they are at all or wondering who all these people  sleeping in’their’ house’; or why has our house changed without their permission;  or you can wake up two o’clock in the morning and find one of these patients sitting in your chair adjacent to the bed -though partially clothed or totally naked -which is what happened to me last night and can be a little alarming. Of course, they know what they do and therefore one must be extremely sympathetic  and here the nursing staff show how brilliant they are, coaxing the patient back to bed,  in a  caring and considerate manner, even under the most trying circumstances. I am immensely impressed.

Cracks are already getting to appear in the Lib Con coalition the promised increase in inheritance tax allowance has been postponed; it looks as though VAT may well go up to 20%; and capital gains anything up to 50% more tax relief for the poorest families to be offset against tax for the next level -all matter is designed to hit the middle classes so this seems more like a Labour government that the Conservatives.


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