16 May 2010

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Oh, joy of joys. I was placed on the loo before my shower -the second  in consecutive days – again with my leg wrapped in a rubbish bag.       Who would have thought one could get so excited  over such every day events that we all normally take for granted?

‘My lovely’ turned up just before lunch and bravely offered to purchase an NHS lunch from the trolley but this was refused, apparently it would  overcomplicate  the paperwork! She went off and returned early afternoon with some more goodies grapes, raspberries etc

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the hospital CEO with, what I considered to be, some sensible comments. For example: name badges for staff to be worn on their  breast so that we can identify them easily and address them by their proper name instead of just calling ‘nurse’. I also questioned the sophisticated telephone and television system provided over each bed which is very nice but very expensive.  I am the only one in this 6 bed ward using it, although, at least,  two of the others could certainly afford it. I realise that this was probably part of a PDF contract (privately funded scheme for which the developer is paid an annual fee) (and therefore not within the control of the NHS. Despite this but I pointed out, what is, no   doubt, already  well known to any chief executive of the hospital, the importance of some form of entertainment for recovering patients and one for which they should not have to pay £5 a day  per day or 49P a minute telephone call. I also mentioned the lack of broadband facilities, which in this day and age, is essential to those of us who are active are confined to bed.

I should have also pointed out that the bathroom, which, apparently has only been fairly recently been completed, should have included an elevated WC, on a pedestal,  . such as we have recently had installed at home and an adjustable height shower seat (the one they have yet is fixed too low). This bathroom was clearly designed by someone who was not fully cognisant with the  requirements of elderly or sick patients. Even healthy elderly people have difficulty in  raising themselves from low seats.

Now to the most important event of the day. England became world champions by beating Australia in the 20/20 World Series Cricket, in Barbados, by a convincing seven wickets. Amazingly, this in England’s first world cricket title ever and augers well for  the forthcoming Ashes series.


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