17 May 2010

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I had hoped to go home today or tomorrow at the very latest. However, ‘my lovely’ rang this morning to say there had been a bit of a problem with the support .staff and it would now have to be Wednesday, after lunch, I must say I was desperately disappointed but will just have to stick  it out. On the positive side, it does mean that I can have some more physiotherapy and, in particular, start walking with my pulpit frame,  under the supervision of an extremely helpful, pleasant   physiotherapist, Prem.

Not only were the  physiotherapists really helpful but so were the occupational therapists. Anna and Angela came up to see me and took away the electric shaver pouch, they had had made for me on an earlier visit, in order to make some adjustments to it.

Now I can clamp it firmly on my right hand and shave myself, without assistance, when I’m lying flat on my bed. I commend this idea to anyone who has weak hands and shaves with an electric razor.

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