20 May 2010

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The transition from hospital to home went remarkably smoothly thanks to the preparations made by ‘ my lovely’. Our most helpful OT, Sarah Moss, had arranged with Social Services for two lady helpers to come in and put me to bed,  anticipating that the whole process would have to be carried out using the hoist that had been delivered to us. However, this arrangement had been made  me before the advent of my pulpit frame. so I demonstrated to the two ladies that we could perfectly well manage on our own for the time being but said that we would certainly need their services in the not too distant future. I felt slightly embarrassed at having made this arrangement and then cancelling it. but there really would be very little point in a engaging the services of these ladies, at this stage, as we managed perfectly well without them, both last night and, indeed, again this morning.

During the afternoon, two men  arrived, again arranged by our wonderful OT, to measure up for ramps over the various steps in the house and  access to the office and hopefully these will be in place within a few days making the whole process of moving from the house to office that much easier. We have been so lucky with our support team – I really cannot fault them.

I spent the day in my study with my laptop and telephone in catching up on matters which had built up during my absence. I won’t be able to resume using my office until the new ramps are in place. Even if I’m not in a wheelchair I would still find it difficult to negotiate the steps, even with the assistance of the pulpit frame.


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