28 May 2010

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Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful day at Lord’s. It was the second day of the first test. This one, England v Bangladesh. The two new boys,, Trot and Morgan were still in overnight and Trot went on to score an excellent double century. The  tail failed to wag and England were all out for 504. Bangladesh’s response was a solid 152 for 2, at close of play. I chose the right day for as I write it is raining at Lord’s and there is no prospect of play until after lunch.

The day for me was so easy, thanks to my very good friend Paul (Newman) who very kindly picking me up from home in the morning and returning me in the evening, making nothing of the journey. We were met at gate 6, wake up in the ground,  by St John Ambulance (prearranged) and I was playing with wheelchair from car to Warmer stand, where we havesat for the last 20 or 30 years. These good people  (St John Ambulance) were on hand,  with a wheelchair when I wanted a pee hand were  even on hand where are they expressed a wish to visit the lawn while and smoke a small cigar in the mid-afternoon. They are wonderful people, all volunteers, who seemed to really enjoy helping people such as me.

Paul and Roger (Goodwin) fed and watered me handsomely during the day, although I insisted on providing my own bottle of champagne. AI must say that Paul and Roger have prove to be the best of friends enabling me to re-live what I have done every years for the past 34 years and made me feel very much at home doing what I have always done. I am extremely grateful to them both.


  • Ian says:

    It was a privilege to be able to wheel you around 🙂 and jolly good fun too.

    Ian Studd

  • DMC says:

    How very kind, Ian. I shall be coming to Lords again arriving, at Gate 6, around 10 o’clock on the 3,13,14,15 & 16 July ;26, 27 & 28 AUG that will bring my own wheelchair as I know that St John ambulance only have one and it may be needed for others.


    Prof Cato.

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